Our History

Learn Why Pet Rest Memorial is So Very Special

Due to many requests of clients at his funeral home to people who would want to bury their pets but had nowhere in the area to send them, and sometimes they wanted to bury their pets with their loved ones in the human cemetery, Mr. Smith opened Pet Rest. Mr. Charles Smith opened the cemetery in 1977 with his father Mr. Floyd W. Smith, ever since then the cemetery has been caring for families whose pets need a place to rest forever and to be visited by their loved ones anytime their hearts want. 


One of our traditional clients says: " We lived around here, it was a very country area, nothing around, it was a new place to bury and honor our loved ones, coming here was always a comfort for our hearts knowing how much the Smith family cared about the cemetery.  Mr. Floyd used to be here every day and he personally knew every single client by their names. It was a good feeling knowing that Mr. Floyd was here for us caring and taking care of the cemetery and treating us like good friends. At that time there were more burials than cremations most all the clients preferred burials instead cremations. This has changed however as now about 90% of our clients look for cremations. The cemetery has more than 8000 pets buried there, including cremation and burial in the Urn Garden. In the '90s the demand for cremations started to grow as well as the number of vet clinics around the Metroplex. 

In 1991 Mr. Floyd Smith decided to retire and Mr. Charles Smith hired Mr. Rick White who joined the company and who has continued the pace of caring for families whose pets have passed.Mr. White has been managing the cemetery since 1991, some members of his family have been assisting him over the years behind the operations, picking up pets, and delivering the ashes back to Vet clinics. 

Mr. White implanted the service of 24 hours return from the time they pick up the pet and returning the ashes to the clinics. The operations worked 24 hours. As he says " There is no reason to keep a pet more than 24 hours in the facility unless a power outbreak or technical problem with the machines, therefore, operations may be delayed. To keep the quality and trust of our service, we have our machines and personnel working 24 hours too.  Mr. White worked in the front line for 27 years, he had and has still family members assisting him in the operations, and accounting. After 27 years of working every day, he decided to retire of the operations but he is still managing the business from his office. 

For these last 29 years, Mr. White is still caring and taking care of every single detail of the office, cemetery as well as keeping operations and the business as he always did.  


Mr. Charles Smith is still the owner and also a known and respected professional in the funeral business since 1963. The legacy of the funeral business and love for the business is in his family and it will be carried on by one of his sons and grandson. 

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Memorial Park

Pet Rest Memorial Park
6800 Highway 78 Sachse, TX 75048
(972) 495-1858 
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