If your pet passes during business hours we recommend calling your veterinarian. We are more than willing to pick up your pet from your veterinary clinic without extra charges or you can call us at 972-495-1858 and schedule a time to bring your loved one directly to our facility.

If your pet passes when your Veterinarian or our office is closed, we will be unable to pick up or receive until the following morning of the next business day.

We have a 24 hour answering service. Do not hesitate to call us 24/7 at 972-495-1858. Our answering service will send us a message and we will contact you the next morning.

In the meantime…

Make sure your pet’s body is stored properly.

We suggest keeping your pet’s body in a cool environment.

Keeping your pet cool is very important! It is best to store your pet in a cool place such as a refrigerator, freezer, or a container with ice bags until the next morning. If possible, your pet’s body can be stored in a sturdy bag or a box.


If your pet is too large, you can lay them on a concrete surface such as a garage or driveway and have a bag or two of ice on top of them until the following morning. We recommend placing a sturdy towel, blanket or/and plastic sheet underneath your pet. This will make transport easier and potential clean up to a minimum.

Transporting your pet

We recommend placing a large sturdy towel or blanket in your vehicle and placing your pet on top. For smaller pets, it is best to place them in a box or a sturdy bag. Please be sure to call us and set up an appointment before making your trip to our location to ensure a staff member will be on site. Call us 24/7 at 972-495-1858.

Office Hours

M – F: 8:30 AM – 6 PM 

(by appointment)
Sat: by appt until 3 PM

Sunday: Closed


The Cemetery is Open

24 hrs./day, 7 days/week

Our phone lines are open 24/7  for emergency calls

Memorial Park

Pet Rest Memorial Park
6800 Highway 78 Sachse, TX 75048
(972) 495-1858 
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Pet Rest Memorial Park is part of the Charles W. Smith & Sons Eastgate Funeral Homes.  
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